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End of Year Tax Moves That You May Not Have Thought About

Getting as much tax refund back as possible, means that you need to know as many end of year tax moves that you can use to get tax reductions and to ensure that you are going to get some refund back. There are a couple of things that you can do, that you didn’t ;thought about, or that you didn’t know. With these tax moves, you will be able to increase your tax refund:

Save your slips for medical expenses

So many people are paying their medical expenses without considering that they can claim for it when they are submitting their tax returns at the end of the year.

It doesn’t matter how small the medical expense was, if you keep the slip and add it to your tax return form, you will get the money back, or a portion of the money back. Many people don’t realize that they can really make their tax refund more, by just keeping their slips of medical expenses they have paid.

Give to charity

If you have a business, you can save money and getting money back with your tax refund when you are giving money to charity, and making sure that you have the proof that you had given money to any charity organization.

There are many organizations out there that can use money. And, not only did you do a good deed, but you are going to get the money back when your tax refund is paid into your account. Click here !

Getting all maintenance expenses in if you have property

When you own property, you need to do maintenance on the property on a regular basis. And, you can use this maintenance to increase your tax refund.

The only thing that you should do, is to make sure that you are getting all the maintenance done, before the end of the tax year, with all the slips in your possession. Then, you can claim for these property maintenances with your tax return and this means that your tax refund will be more than usual.

Combining you and your spouse’s tax return

 Something that you might not know also, is that you can get some larger tax refund back, when you and your spouse are going to join your tax returns.

So many married couples are making the mistake that they are filing two separated tax returns forms. You don’t need to keep your tax return separated, and with combining it you can even get more tax refund back. And it is going to be easier to file only one tax return in, instead of two.

There are many different ways that you can increase your tax refund this year. Some easy to do tax moves that will be making it worth the while, when your tax refund arrives. It is just important to make sure that you have legit proof of all the things that you are claiming with your tax return. You can’t claim for something that you don’t have the proof for. It can get you into trouble to claim for something with your tax return without the proper documentation. Find out more in this site : taxreturn247.com.au

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