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Top 3 Tax Scams and How to Spot Them

Did you know the window to file your federal tax return is drawing to a close? However, this does not mean that identity thieves and criminal are slowing down.  As in the past, thousands of tax payers fall victim to one of the dirty scams who pose as IRS agents to scam people out of money and personal identification information. The tax scams sound pretty convincing and possibly terrifying, especially if you are on the receiving end of one. As elaborated below there are things about each one that just doesn’t add up.

Check for details below :

Phone Tax Scams

As the mobile phone technology advances phone scams top the list of ways, criminal may use to illegally obtain your Social security number, banking information and more.In most cases a person will pose as an IRS agent to ask taxpayers, they owe money in taxes and are late in payment. They come with a fake IRS identification badge and number and usually demand payment right away. They threaten lawsuits, arrest, or even deportation if you do not pay the amount in question.

Spot the scam! A fact, the IRS nevercontact people via phone. If you owe tax money, IRS send emails. Before any in-person meeting with IRS agents, you will be contacted via emails scheduling the same. The IRS demand paymentafter first giving you a chance to appeal the amount. They also don’t specify payment method to use. Check more here: taxreturn247.com.au


Phishing is another of the most tax scams used to fraud taxpayers for years. Phishing uses a fake website or emails to form a reputable organisation say your bank, a tax software company as well as the IRS.  The email and websites show you owe money or there is something wrong with your tax returns filing. They ill ask for your social security number, password bank account and other personal identification information that would make the scam work.


The criminals may use this scam to install malware on your computer, givingthem access to more information.

Avoid Phishing!

While the IRS will contact people via email, not out of the blue. If you are suspicious of the email you received, you can report it by forwarding it here.

Return Preparer Fraud

Tax return experts are reputable, each year a few who run shady operation to scam people of their money and identity. They will entice you with larger tax refunds than theircompetition. Offer to use your last pay stub instead of your W-2. They will even ask you to sign incomplete returns, especially paper return rather than using e-file.

Here how to spot it. The easiest way to spot this scam is by checking the IRS directory for credited tax rerun experts.

Do you ever wonder if a phone call, email, or website claiming to be the IRS is legitimate? Your accountant is a good place to start. CPAs must stay up to date with the latest IRS policies and procedures. They will be able to tell you if something is a scam. http://www.taxreturn247.com.au

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